29 September 2006

LDM Gear is here!

Okay... I am officially done reintegrating. More stories of disgruntlement will be forthcoming shortly. Remember, if you would like to submit anyting, just Email it to disgruntled_majors@hotmail.com We will keep anything you send confidential, unless you don't want us to, or if we are presented with a court order...

Also, LDM gear is now available for you to proudly display! Pick up yours at www.cafepress.com/disgruntledmaj. Tell your disgruntled friends about it too! A portion of all proceeds will be donated to The Wounded Warrior Project.

02 September 2006

Grand Poobah off the net

I will be off the LDM net for a little while as I prepare to leave the CENTCOM AOR and return to the proverbial land of the big PX. My disgruntlement will be momentarily diminished, so I suspect I will not be in the proper frame of mind to post to this blog for at least a couple of weeks. However, I am going to predict now that the mandatory "reintegration training" when we get back stateside will provide fuel for a conflagration of future posts.

For those of you remaining, stay safe and I will see you across the pond.

...And the Winner is...

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 1st Caption Contest for the League of Disgruntled Majors is MajMike for his entry:

--"never send a CPT to pinch a heinie when the MAJ wants to do it himself.."

While it did not specifically speak to disgruntlement, He got extra points for using the word "heinie" in his entry.

For a prize, he gets absolutely nothing but bragging rights. He can collect anytime.